Хорошо бы сходить в кино... но я лошадь! (с)

Kitai seized Turk from behind, her encumbered hands gripping the back of his skull and the point of his chin. She howled and twisted her body in a sudden, savage motion, and broke the man's neck. He fell in a jellylike heap to the floorboards. Kitai promptly seized Turk's knife in one hand, and ripped his shirt clear of his chest with the other, her eyes wild, focused on his heart as she drove the knife down and started cutting.

"Kitai," Tavi panted, cutting the bonds on his legs free. "Kitai!"

Her face snapped up toward him, a terrifying mask of rage and blood. Blood dripped from the curved knife, and the fingers of her other hand were already set inside the opening she had cut, ready to tear the body open and take the heart.

"Kitai," Tavi said again, more quietly. "Listen to me. Please. You can't do this. There's no time."

She stared, frozen, the wild light in her eyes fluttering uncertainly.

"My legs," he said. "I can't feel them. I need you to help me get out of here before more of them come."

Her eyes narrowed with an anticipation that was almost lustful. "More. Let them come."



На самом деле уникальная многогранность Китай - это то, что делает ее крутой, круче той же Хашат, про которую мы кроме ЭПИЧНАЯ ВАРРИОР-ТЕТКА КОТОРАЯ СМЕШНО ПРИКАЛЫВАЕТСЯ И ОХУЕННО ДЕЛАЕТ СУП. Но такие моменты я люблю больше всего. so sue me

Олсо Китай и Тави отп

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